Oui, vous devriez porter des Crocs cet été

Les meilleurs crocos masculins en 2023, selon Style Editors

All that functionality comes courtesy of two proprietary resin foams that go into every shoe. The original is called Croslite and the newer, 25% lighter version is called LiteRide. Since these resins are so easy to mold, shoes can be designed with precise attention to detail and nearly limitless color options. That has also allowed Crocs to grow through a constantly revolving collaboration collection with celebrities and other brands. You can even customize your Crocs with design charms, aka Jibbitz.

Though our style editors agree that Crocs have way more to offer than just its signature clogs. Comfort is key in menswear today and few men’s clothing brands offer so much comfort for such affordable prices. Crocs has expanded to slides, flip flops, and even sneakers, and all of them are embedded with Crocs’ signature features: extremely cushioned midsoles, water-resistant construction, and breathable uppers. Ahead we found the best Crocs for men worth buying all year, from fleece-lined slippers for indoor lounging, to great-looking mules. Whatever your style, Crocs has something for you.

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