Cette Musk Cologne vous fait immédiatement sentir plus sexy

Les meilleures eaux de Cologne au musc pour hommes en 2023, testées par les éditeurs de toilettage

Musk scents have been prized since ancient times for their deep, sensual aromas that call the mind skin, sweat and the things we do to get sweaty in our skin (wink wink). Back in ye olden times, musks came specifically from gland secretions from certain animals like the musk deer; that’s why they’re commonly described as having an “animalistic” quality. Nowadays, it’s illegal to use animal-derived musks (thankfully) so pretty much all the musks you’ll find in modern scents are synthetic. That’s not a bad thing—they still give the sweaty, sensual quality you want, but now we’re able to create such a wide range that musks can blend well with nearly every other fragrance category, even fresh and floral notes. What that means for you is that when you want to try a musk cologne, you have a variety of options. We tested over 50 musk colognes to find the best ones for whatever musky vibe you want to project.

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