5 écouteurs de voyage pour couvrir tous ces bruits indésirables

Les 5 meilleurs écouteurs de voyage en 2023 : testés par des experts en équipement

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Our testing methods for our best travel headphones involve taking the pairs out into real world first, whether it be in an Uber on the way to the airport to the actual plane ride itself. We also took headphones on trains, walks, and car rides. Next, we brought the headphones back to our office in New York City for a deeper review on potential flaws and unique features that we might find worthy to bring to light.

Ahead, you’ll discover the top headphones for all types of travel. Outside of naming the Bose 700s our best pair overall, we also named headphones that are best suited for long haul flights and business travelers, as well as headphones for those on the hunt for a great deal. Let’s get to the list.

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