Les wayfarers sont les lunettes de soleil les plus flatteuses à porter cet été

Les meilleures lunettes de soleil Wayfarer en 2023, testées par les éditeurs de style

The best wayfarer sunglasses have square-ish lenses with a slightly curved bridge, often angled forward slightly, with temples that wrap around the ear. It’s a flattering combo of curved and angular shapes that correspond to the natural lines of the human face. The frames are usually black, tortoise shell, or shades of brown like old-fashioned eyeglasses. Wayfarers have been remixed countless times, but they all still have that deceptively simple design that will always look stylish. When it comes to formal wear, wayfarers look amazing with suits and tuxedos. That makes them a necessity for summer wedding attires, and anyone who has to dress up for the office.

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